Remanufactured C-4 Quick Dry Extractor - 4 Gallon

Price: $449.00
Manufacturer: Aqua Power
Manufacturer Part No: AQ_REMAN
- 4-gallon solution tank; Removable bucket for easy filling & emptying
- Four-position adjustable and collapsible handle
- Large wheels for easy maneuvering; Compact & Lightweight, 12"w x 25"H; Weighs only 46 lbs
- Instructions located on machine with sight tubes
- 90 Day warranty for parts replacement, 800 number for maintenance & repair support

Technical Features:
Brush System:
*2,500 rmp drive motor
*1,000 rpm chevron brush
*Aluminum pulleys & reinforced
gear belt
*Stainless steel ball bearings
Pump System:
*35 psi and 85 gpm
*Two stages of filtration
*Drain Valve
Vacuum System:
*Ametek-Lamb two-stage motor
*108" lift and 112 cfm
*Cooling system
*High impact tanks
*Non-corrosive metals: brass,
aluminum and stainless steel

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